Leadership 101: The Basic Overview

September 5, 2017

1 Timothy 3:1-7


Lead by example…


This is a crucial leadership tip and code to live by because we aspire to places of influence and glory not realizing that these positions are places of serving. When we think about the word “public servants” we realize that these positions have much authority and power but people like the police or government officials have power for the sake of service.


It is in terms of being a servant-leader that is the basis of today’s devotional and it may seem like this devotional doesn’t apply to you if you are not in a position of a leader but these qualities that have been listed are qualities that all Christians should have as a representative of God. It is however those who become recognized leaders that must model that lifestyle even to a higher standard so that those who are new to the faith or not in these positions may aspire to.


So here are the things that are listed for spiritual leadership:


  1. It’s an honorable task

    1. To be a leader is not a common position and shouldn’t be taken lightly as you are taking care of the thing that God values! If you are wondering how much he values the church as the body of Christ and not merely an organization then you must know that Jesus laid down his life for it. Yea it’s pretty precious in His eyes.

  2. Above reproach

    1. This person must seek a life where disgrace and fault are not the norms of his or her life. I know no one can be perfect but it is not an excuse to live a life where your actions constantly bring disgrace to the LORD as our lifestyle will either enhance our witness or completely destroy it.

  3. Faithful to his wife

    1. Self-explanatory but the reverse is true for women too.

  4. Temperate

    1. Be self-controlled! One of the aspects of the Spirit of God working in your life is the character of self-discipline but so many times we get it twisted and try to control others! Keep yourself in check and realize you can’t control others but yourself.

  5. Respectable

    1. A person that gains the respect of people can lead people and that comes with character that is consistent. To be respectable takes time, persistence, and above all else a desire to reflect God’s goodness.

  6. Hospitable

    1. This is the ability to be warm and generous to strangers. We have to ask ourselves if we are a warm and welcoming church? We are not slaves to numbers in that we don’t simply concern ourselves with having a large church attendance but at the same time if the church is not growing than people are not hearing the Gospel and encountering the Lord Jesus Christ, which leads us to a place of wondering what we were doing this whole time?

  7. Able to teach

    1. This does not mean that you are the best teacher in the world but that you know the truth of His word to the point that you model it in your life and be able to explain it to people around you. Trust me!!!! Everyone can teach because everyone is passionate about something that they can go on and on for hours telling others about it. #humanpokedex

  8. Not given to drunkenness

    1. To be drunk is to give up control over yourself. When it comes to the Christian, we are able to drink if we are of age (twenty-one!!!) but we are not to be drunk. The only being we should ever give control to is the Holy Spirit!

  9. Not violent but gentle, not quarrelsome

    1. This is about keeping the unity of peace within the fellowship because if the house of God is not united, how can we invite people to join in this fellowship when there is no fellowship?

  10. Not a lover of money

    1. Money is a useful tool but a horrible master so therefore when we allow ourselves to be lovers of money than we fundamentally switched masters as Jesus is no longer our master but cash monies.

  11. Manage his own family well

    1. This one is tricky, especially because sometimes you can do everything right but everything still goes wrong, which is one of the paradoxes of life. But I believe a lot of our struggles are self-inflicted and could have been avoided. For the adult leader with a family, one must pay real close attention to their family as so many people sacrifice their families on the altar of ministry when in reality the first ministry should be there family. But what if you’re single and do not have a family? The way you can train yourself now is to learn how to not forsake your friendships for ministry but learn how to balance them together. Now if your friendships lead you away from Christ then that is a different story but so many people get hurt and turned off by the church because they feel forsaken by their friends who “live” at church. Learn what it means to be devoted to Christ not simply busy for Christ.

  12. Not a recent convert

    1. Ever cooked chicken? Chicken is a meat that must be cooked thoroughly or you will pay for it on the toilet later and trust me that payment is going to be hefty! If you don’t cook it long enough and pre-maturely take it out of the fire than it ultimately will not nourish you but harm you.

    2. It is the same way spiritually where a person that has not spent time first growing and learning in the ways of the Lord through the refiner’s fire will ultimately burn out or be corrupted by a leadership position. Having positions of authority without character development will lead to corruption that will not nourish anyone but destroy everyone.


This was a basic rundown of the requirements to being in spiritual leadership that Paul told Timothy and instead of ignoring them because you may not be there today, learn what it means to practice forms of these things so that you will be ready when the time comes!


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