October 12, 2017

JEREMIAH 13:12-19


GPS is such a wonderful invention and I would not be able to get around without it! In those moments when I am low on battery and I do not know where I am, I’m sweating bullets because if I were to lose the GPS then I am most effectively screwed!

The thing with GPS is that it is a guide that we can either listen to or not and let’s say we make a wrong turn, the nice GPS will kindly tell you to either turn around or reroute you. You can either begin to listen to the GPS or keep making wrong turns and it will keep rerouting you. The more we fail to listen to the GPS the longer it will take for us to get to the destination that we desire and we waste so much time, effort, and resources if we fail to simply listen to the GPS.


When I look at my spiritual walk with God, how many seasons have I went through where I could have listened to the gentle nudging and direction of the Holy Spirit only to stubbornly make the wrong turn. What could have been a quick fix has become a season of struggle that need not be if I just simply let go of my pride so that I can listen to the voice of the LORD. Pride is most definitely the biggest contributor to the delay to the fruition of the promises of God and getting to the place where He has placed before us.


God’s judgement is coming upon the Israelites and Jeremiah is pleading with his own people to turn from their ways!


“Hear and give ear; be not proud, for the LORD has spoken. Give glory to the LORD your God before he brings darkness, before your feet stumble on the twilight mountains, and while you look for light he turns it into gloom and makes it deep darkness.”


Jeremiah is saying unto them that even in this last hour before the impending judgment that they can TURN AWAY God’s judgement if they but turn to God! Even in the midst of the most craziest of sins that there is still room to turn away before the judgment comes and that the awareness of which brings with it uncomfortable exposure of our shortcomings is actually an act of grace to run away from judgment to grace.


How do we do that?


Give glory to God! That expression in Jeremiah means that we are to confess our sins to God which requires an acknowledgement of wrongdoing and the conviction to do something about it. That God deserves your commitment, worthy of living sacrificially for His kingdom, to not make this world the ultimate place of your hop, and above all else that He is worthy of your affection.


Today, can we calm down our busy schedules and sit in silence before Him? Can we invite Him to speak to us so that we know where we are to go while turning away from where we were headed? This requires more than ten minutes of your time but a solid chunk of time and if that is not possible than we have just exposed the fundamental problem that may have started it all.


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