November 7, 2017




“For this reason I bow my knees before the Father,”


Power [Pou-er]: ability to do or act; capability of doing or accomplishing something.


When tragedy strikes we see people throwing out social media posts of people sending their thoughts and prayers to the people who are caught in these traumatic events. Now this can be taken in many ways but I have seen people take these times to add more fuel into the fire by sending hateful comments that prayer does nothing. For the people that do not know they claim that prayer is a cheap gesture from people who have been tricked into believing that there is a God out there.


I do agree that the power of prayer can and is reflected through action but prayer is the basis of our ability to do something that is beyond our capability. Paul is in deep prayer over the saints in Ephesus because he knows that his and their capability to be witnesses of God’s glory to the people who are blinded by the demonic forces of darkness is well beyond their ability. Evil is beyond just beyond human beings or the actions that they take but the source of evil is found in the spiritual force that is unseen. Today let us remind ourselves that prayer is not powerless but powerful in giving us the ability to act in His ways to bring about change that is more than temporary!



  1. The goal of prayer is to know God (v.18)

    1. Though we have prayer requests and to request things from God is not a bad thing but the ultimate goal of every requests is not the gift but to know the giver. Paul prays continually for the Ephesians to be strengthened in their inner being for the ultimate purpose of knowing God! When tough times come we don’t need the gift we need the presence that brings the gift.

  2. The paradox of knowing God is that you can’t fully know God (v.19)

    1. A paradox is two truths and that seem to contradict each other but in the end both are still true. The funny thing about seeking to know God is that in the process we realize that we will never know Him fully! The good thing about this endless journey is that God has an infinite vault of goodness to reveal more of His glorious and righteous self to us so that no matter how many encounters we have with God, they will never grow stale or cumbersome. The day that God is old and stale in our eyes is because our eyes have not been “stretched” to see a greater capacity of His goodness. The question is not whether “this is it” but “what is it that we must do” to allow God to expand our point of view to see a greater view of Him.

  3. It’s all about love (v. 17-19)

    1. A greater understanding of God transforms you to love Him and the people around you. They say the things that we focus on the most are the things that we will begin to reflect the most in our actions, thoughts, and emotions. When God becomes the center of our vision, then we become the reflection of His loving nature. We cannot change the world in love  if we haven’t been changed by love. So many people have solutions to the problems of the world and at times when the church is not in prayer offer up man made solutions/programs. But the greatest solution is not an idea or program but is the love of God for until people experience and commit to being in the love of God, their is no chance of freedom from the evils we see in our lives.

  4. Love is found in prayer and action

    1. To act without prayer is reckless and not directed by the God of the universe who knows exactly what to do in every situation. To pray without acting is failure to obey the instruction that came through prayer. Prayer and action must hold hands for there to be any change and thus as we pray, we must ask the LORD to direct us to not only know His heart but what He plans to do as well. As we get impression and begin to act, don’t disconnect in prayer because what started in His presence must be sustained by it or we will find a glorious start but a horrible finish. Persist in prayer in the midst of action!

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