November 9, 2017




There is a phrase that states that “Ignorance is bliss.” The core of this message is saying that the more you don’t know the more your life will be free from worries like a hakuna matata way of living. This seems like a higher way of thinking and living but what you don’t know doesn’t prevent it from happening in your life! For instance, ignorance of the various symptoms of sickness can most definitely give you a carefree life but if not treated before it gets out of control will soon bring a life that you cannot ignore or  be ignorant of.


Paul is talking to Christians who are on the verge of acting like a fool and playing themselves because times have gotten tough to follow Christ in the midst of delayed hope in His return. When disappointment or hardship strikes, pain is the first thing we see evident in our lives but the more hidden and devastating thing that occurs is the temptation to go back to our old ways. The old ways that were separate from God looked good but is only a mask of the truth that we were really separated from life and headed towards death and misery, which our sin has brought us.


So what fuels the lifestyles that we choose to live? MINDSET! Paul talks about the importance of mindset and how it is the mind that initiates the life that we live and how we live it. The mind is a powerful thing and thus we need to really take notice on what we are thinking daily because as we can create physical habits, we can create mental habits. The most dangerous life that we can live is not jumping off buildings or doing reckless things with our bodies but is in fact an unchecked mind. Today let the Holy Spirit and the word of truth form the framework of your thoughts.




  1. Do a daily mind check

    • This is one of the most practical, helpful, and hard thing you will ever do because it requires you to sit down and go through what you were thinking throughout the day to be real with yourself. Failure to check our thoughts will have us be ruled by our thoughts and even demonic thoughts. Paul says in verse seventeen that the Ephesians shouldn’t walk like the Gentiles do in the futility of their minds. What is funny about this statement is that the Ephesians were gentiles themselves so his point was that they are not to walk in the pointless and destructive mindset that they had before Christ.

    • You can do this mental check at the end of the day and write out what you thought and felt throughout the day. Then ask the Holy Spirit to give you insight on what He thinks about those thoughts. For example, if you find that you have been entertaining the mindset of “I can’t”, then ask the Holy Spirit what he thinks about that mindset and write it down. The Holy Spirit encourages and builds you up and does not end simply in exposing you but exposes you so that He can build you. If you leave discouraged at the end of it then try again because that ain’t Him and therefore stop to pray that the Spirit be the only one that speaks. I suggest writing because the more of your senses and actions you involve in a task, the more meaningful the task that leads to a higher chance of it doing something useful.

  2. Habits can harden hearts and lead to corrupted hearts

    • “ ...due to their hardness of heart. They have become callous and have given themselves up to sensuality, greedy to practice every kind of impurity.” This did not happen overnight! Like a cold that “seemed” to have just happened overnight, it is only a product of something that has been brewing inside your body for a long time. It is the same way with the sinful lifestyle that separates you from God, it doesn’t happen with one colossal mistake but more often times a series of “small” mistakes that we justify and not deal with. When it comes to sin, don’t let it stick to you but get rid of it immediately by not associating with it! As your growth in Christ is a process so is the process of a hardened heart that cannot hear or feel from God. Break the process of sin and embrace the process of developing into your new identity in Christ.

  3. Renew your mindset because you a new person

    • “And to put on the new self, created after the likeness of God in true righteousness and holiness.” Sometimes you have to believe in simple truth regardless of circumstance… you are a new person in Christ if you believe in Christ as your Lord and Savior. This doesn’t mean you don’t fail but you gave up the right to give up and you gave up the right to entertain old ways that were apart from Christ. I can’t say this enough, you want to be renewed in your mind, then you need to fill your mind! What does the mind hold? Information! What type of information are you holding then? Hold the information of the truth of God that is His word and let that be the door to encountering Him because when you hold His words you will hold His presence!

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