November 24, 2017





Did you ever make a rubber band gun with your hand? I don’t recommend this so I relieve myself of all responsibility but when I was a kid, my friends and I would use the rubber bands in such a way where we wrapped it around our hand as we conform the hand to look like a gun. With a release of a pinky we can shoot the rubber band to our designated target for the shot but for those who could not use that technique with effectiveness would simply place it upon their thumb and pull back. There is a realization as we were playing the game of cops and robbers with the rubberbands that when we pulled them back further, the more power and distance we would have. We discovered the “true” power of the rubber band when we stretched it to the maximum for maximum power!


The story of Esther can be described like a rubberband. The Jews were being stretched to the depths of their emotional, mental, and physical capacity because not only are they captors in a foreign country, they were now going to be all killed due to the hatred of one man. Esther who was queen was also stretched to the depths of her being as she fasted to hear God’s plan of deliverance and the process was not immediate but a drawn out plan that required them to stay uncomfortable for a very long time before the eventual restoration of the people.


Yet as much as Esther, Mordecai, and the Jews were stretched, they were in a moment released with power to have their lives turned around explosively where Mordecai was once in sackcloth and mourning to being one of the most honored men in Persia. The Jews were on the brink of destruction but now see the light of being saved from calamity.


Are you being stretched? Are you at your max before you come undone in a heap of emotional and physical mess? Fear not because if you are stretched for the glory of the Lord that the grace of our Lord will release you to rise with such power that you will move faster and further than you could ever dare imagine because you have endured the process of trusting in Him! Life is a journey and there will be many more moments where you will be stretched but continue to trust in Him and realize that the stretch is allowed but will be redeemed for His glory!

Some of you today have been stretched for ages and some of you are going to keep on being stretched because where God intends for you to land needs a little bit more power development for you to get there but some of you will be released today! Embrace the journey and embrace the season by embracing Jesus always!



  • Don’t waste your suffering

    • If you’re suffering for a good cause or suffering for Jesus, don’t waste your pain! This sounds strange but our pain, our failures, and our disappointments can be the thing that destroy us or be the fuel to the fire in us to go further in our own process of growing! There will always be some sort of setback and pain but instead of seeing them as stop signs, see them as speed bumps that need to be carefully driven over to your desired destination. We complain and waste these precious seasons but I want to encourage you to stop the complaint so you can begin to focus your attention on what God is doing to bring about the good in all of this!

  • Complaining short-changes breakthrough

    • You can have breakthrough but you can have BREAKTHROUGH! The power and effectiveness of how far you can go depends on how well you allow yourself to be stretched. If you complain along the way and begin to take things into your own hands by choosing to not follow God then you will realize that for your own glory you forfeited seeing the glory of God come through in your life. TRUST HIM AND CLING TO HIM!

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