November 28, 2017

PSALM 97:1-12



As I was getting ready this morning I got a notification from my bank that all my money from my account was gone! This put me in full blown panic mode and I was trying to figure things out but long story short, mistakes were made and I am in the process of  correcting it. I felt discouraged and disheveled as I was ambushed with fear and anxiety as my reactionary actions only added unto the problem!


It was only when I stopped myself to be in God’s presence that there was clarity and peace. Before this, I was making decisions based off of emotions and was only reacting to the problem, which I realize that a majority of people tend to do but our reactionary responses are usually our worst responses. So I did what my heart did not want to do… I calmed down and starting talking to God.


“BUT THERE IS THIS BIG PROBLEM!!!” is what my brain was saying but my heart and the Holy Spirit were saying, “Be still.” In our moments of panic and seasons where we find trouble all around us, the first option is never to stop and seek God because we feel that time is not on our side. We therefore act quickly to these high pressure situations but most often times we end up wasting time because we made hurried decisions.


I told myself that God is reigning in my life and that God did not bless me to only curse me or sweep the rug under my feet but that with the promotion comes the commotion of the enemy but also the presence of God to obtain the victory! As I proclaimed God’s goodness and His reign over this financial disaster, I opened to today’s passage which starts off with.




At this point I got the message that He spoke to my heart through the words from His heart. We live in times where we get overwhelmed and maybe we are overwhelmed not so much with outside forces but maybe internal things that makes us believe that we will never move forward in life. Whatever the struggle we go through, the key is to remind ourselves that OUR LORD reigns! There is never a moment He doesn’t and we only give up our reigning when we choose to give it up like Adam and Eve. Today let us rejoice in a posture of thanks to God and realize that the problem before us is allowed by God to not destroy us but for us to overcome with Him.




  • Evil is around us but stay strong to who you are in Christ, in other words, don’t be a part-time Christian.

    • “O you who love the LORD, hate evil! He preserves the lives of his saints; he delivers them from the hand of the wicked.”

      • To hate is to reject something. The temptation for us is not to reject what is obviously evil like murder but to accept things that seem Good but are not in the eyes of the Lord. This takes time to realize and figure out but the more we read His word and spend time with Him, we get to know the true standard of what is good because we are with the one who sets the standard. If we are honest with ourselves, we realize that what the world/society values is not always the same as the Lord’s. In these moments we have to ask ourselves if we are willing to reject evil and even societal norms for the sake of loving (accepting) Jesus and Kingdom norms.

      • Just know that Choosing God will come with hardships but also the comfort of the Holy Spirit and we may wonder if this is really going to happen but I cannot express it enough, a lot of times (not all the time) we don’t experience the comfort of the Spirit because we are too comfortable in the spirit of the world.

  • Worship is the way to persevere in this world till Jesus comes back

    • “Light is sown for the righteous, and joy for the upright in heart. Rejoice in the LORD, O you righteous, and give thanks to his holy name!”

      • Light and joy are planted into the hearts of people who are upright in heart. What does it mean to be upright in heart? This is a heart that has not bowed down to idols or fear. We may not worship fear but we for sure bow down to it when it rears it’s ugly head. Like worship, we put our attention onto fear and we let it rule over our lives. A life of joy and happiness is found when we will be upright in our hearts for those who worship God will actually stand with God but for those who worship idols will always bend to idols. In worship we see people get on their knees out of reverence and we ask what is the difference between that and idol worship that assumes a similar posture? The difference is the motive and end results where one ends in freedom and honor where the other ends with slavery and shame.

      • We may not always be singing to a tune but worship can also be a person that chooses to be thankful. A helpful tip is to start your day and night by writing three things that you are thankful for. It may seem odd at first but when we start giving thanks for what God has done and is doing in our lives we not only start the day strong but can end the day in peace.

      • Also, when panic or anxiety sets in, set yourself in the LORD by pausing whatever it is you’re doing to talk to God and letting Him talk to you. This is important because we don’t sit still in silence to let God talk as we do all the talking! Sit there and tell the Holy Spirit that you are only allowing Him to speak and wait to see what images, visions, emotions, or words pop up. If you feel fear or discouragement that’s the enemy and in your right as a child of God, say no to that #nottodaySatan.

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