November 29, 2017




I have the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation)  application on my phone and it sends me breaking news alerts on my phone. Last night I was reading and I got this very alarming sound that notified me of the breaking news that hit; North Korea has launched a new ballistic missile that has traveled a considerable distance. This led me to go on the website to read up on the recent events and like a Youtube suggestion list, I went down a rabbit hole of articles that talked more and more about the tensions that are rising in the east.


My first reaction was anger and then wonderment that led to a question directed at North Korea as if it was a disgruntled and unreasonable person, “What’s your problem bro?!??” I quickly realized how foolish and reactionary a response that is because whether hypothetically or actually given, it never leads to solutions. At this moment I am reminded how corrupt the world is and how much we need God’s justice to reign supreme on this earth.


Pastor John Piper wrote in his book, Let the Nations Be Glad, that, “Missions exist because worship doesn’t.” God’s desire for the world is to know Him and come into the saving relationship with Jesus Christ, which will lead to the worship of God. From Psalm 22:3, we understand that God dwells in the praises of His people and so we are to understand that worship brings in the presence of God and His justice. If the world learns to worship God, then what the world is fundamentally doing is inviting God to reign. If God reigns fully on this earth then evil cannot remain and thus we see the core purpose of today’s Psalm. To know the theme and end goal of a Psalm, we must look at the beginning and end. Psalm 98 starts with an exhortation of God’s people to sing to God because He has done a marvelous thing and that the Psalm ends with God bringing His perfect justice. What is the marvelous thing? God carrying out His perfect will and justice on earth. The question then is why not now? Why does Jesus not come now and correct everything? The reality of the coming of Christ is that it will bring joy to those who are with Him in a genuine relationship now because everything that they have hoped for is now a reality but for those who do not know him will cry tears of sorrow for the choice to not be with Jesus now will be the state that they will be in for all eternity. God doesn’t desire people to go to hell so by His grace is allowing the church to spread the news of Christ so that people may come to Christ.


Until Jesus comes, we must do what we can to spread the name of Jesus so that more and more people worship Him to draw the reality of the Kingdom of God here on earth so that the kingdom of darkness will no longer reign.


Worship is our warfare and praise is a weapon. Wield it well.




  • To see change, start with prayer

    • If we want to see the world change, change your world first by inviting God daily in prayer. Connecting with God is the foundation to all things and if we try to change without God, we will see in the end that we look nothing like God for only the Holy Spirit can transform us in that aspect.

  • Connection with God continues with connecting with people

    • Treat people the way Jesus would treat people. The way we do that is by understanding and loving them but also confronting in love our friends sins. Jesus was the most understanding person but he also understood that a person in sin is not who they are meant to be.

  • Be informed and pray for God to open doors for action to take place

    • This is the hardest part for me if I must confess! It is so easy to be in a bubble but the church does not have to fight every battle but must not be free from battles! We must be informed and be willing to not only pray but pray with action to see justice reign. This may not seem much at first but getting the habit of being informed about the lives of others and the world events will help set the foundation for us to not create our own bubbles of comfort and ignorance.

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