December 1, 2017




Do you ever take an extraordinary amount of time to make a decision? Do you know a person like this? A frustrating to see is when an opportunity for a friend to make a good decision presents itself but they take forever to decide in taking that offer! It’s a nail biting, gut wrenching, and even mind blowing experience because you want it so badly for your friend to do something that will change their life for the good but they just fail to make that decision until finally they decide to go for broke and make it. In these moments you just exhale all the pent up pressure and say, “finally!”


So what excuse are you making today from you having a vital and thriving relationship with Jesus Christ? Today’s message is very simple in that God has the desire to redeem His people from the way they were living apart from Him to living an abundant life with Him. The relationship we have with Christ must be a two way street where we not only are loved by God but that we reflect that love back unto Him but so many times we question God’s love for us but do we ever question our love for God? The issue more often times than not is that we overestimate our devotion to Him and underestimate His devotion to us or we would never complain about “sacrificing” for the LORD. As absurd as it is for a person who constantly gets covered for food from their friend to only be upset when their friend asks to borrow a dollar, is the person’s response to God’s demand for total commitment if you wish to join in this relationship. I am silenced before the demand of total commitment from God when I realize the total commitment Jesus displayed on the cross. The cross humbles me to the point in realizing that there is nothing too great for the LORD to ask from me, even if it is my life for He gave up His life so that I can have it to begin with.


Today the LORD is redeeming us into a full committed relationship with Him. Will we accept according to His terms or a we still trying to negotiate with Him when in reality it is going to be a take it or leave it situation.


Today let us not wait for the “right” moment to be with God, but let us simply realize that everyday is an opportunity to be right with Him!



  • Today’s TIPS and TRICKS section will be a little different. Instead of giving some tips, I just have several questions for you to think over and answer.

    • What’s stopping you from realizing the power of God’s sacrifice for you to have life?

    • With the things that are stopping you from going all out for Jesus, in light of His sacrifice, is the life He asks from you too much? Why or why not?

    • Is Jesus worth it?

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