December 12, 2017




You know what is frustrating? Not being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel when you are going through a difficult time. You know what is even more frustrating? Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel but never being able to actually reach it! When it comes to the experience of God and His Kingdom, we may be either completely in the dark not being able to feel his presence or we might be right there watching other people experience God!


When I was doing the devotional today, what stood out to me was verse eleven,


“As for you also, because of the blood of my covenant with you, I will set your prisoners free from the waterless pit.”


God is promising through Jeremiah that salvation is near to His people and gives an image of the Messiah that will be coming to save the people of God but what stood out was the image of the waterless pit. The waterless pit is a well with no water at the bottom and imagine being in a pit where you look up to see the open skies above you but not being able to climb out. How frustrating would that be? How heartbreaking would that be? To be hopeless if you’re in complete darkness is one thing but to be teased with freedom that can be seen but not touched is a whole nother level of frustration.


The crazy thing here is that we put ourselves in that pit but God is going to set us free but it will be up to us to whether we want to wait upon the LORD for it! The king is coming and His salvation is the one that ends all frustration of us trying to reach God on our own terms because to wait upon God is wait upon God in the midst of us letting go of any other forms of salvation that we think will save us. Do we turn to unhealthy relationships, drugs, lust, media, entertainment as saviors or are we going to wait for God who gives us what our hearts and souls need to the fullest?


Today in the midst of waiting for the personal experience of His presence that will truly comfort you in the midst of all the demands of life, learn what it means to set your heart up to receive that experience. Check below for some tips on how to wait upon God well in life!



  • Rejoice

    • V.9- “Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion! Shout aloud, O daughter of Jerusalem!”

      • The command is to rejoice as preparation for the coming of the messiah. It is easy to rejoice when things are going well and that makes sense logically. What is hard is to rejoice when there seems to be nothing to rejoice about. To rejoice regardless of circumstance and to see the hope in every situation is an act of faith. Faith is what draws the presence of God and His promises so when we choose to rejoice in the LORD we are activating our faith in God to invite Him in our circumstances. So today rejoice in the LORD. How do we rejoice in Him?

        • Delight in the fact that He loves you unconditionally

        • Delight in the fact that Christ laid down His life to set you free

        • Delight in the fact that God is good and His justice will reign

        • Delight in the fact that God never gives up on you

        • Delight in the fact that the Holy Spirit comforts us when in our journey of knowing God we get discouraged

        • Delight in the fact that in Christ God doesn’t condemn you but accepts you and transforms you to be who you truly are

  • Let Go

    • Let go of any false saviors. There are many things in this world that offer up salvation from emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical peace but all will fall short of what God will offer you. I remember I was talking to a former student who experienced both the “high” of God and drugs. In the end, they admitted that though the high that comes from drugs is great, it does not compare to the high that comes from God. All things of this world will try and imitate the pleasure that comes from God but just like a fake designer bag, it looks nice but will wear out compared to the real thing! In the midst of waiting, we must set ourselves up to receive because some of us are not receiving due to our hands being full of the world.

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