March 13, 2018


Sorrow Caused by Sin

Lamentations 1:1-11


Sin, satisfaction, sorrow are associated with each other more than you would think. We are designed by God to seek satisfaction and to be satisfied is not a bad thing as we think that the Christian walk is all about killing joy and being mindless “holy” robots yet did you know that joy is not found in killing but seeking it? To want joy and getting it by seeking is a logical statement but we got it twisted in the Christian walk to believe that joy is found in just denying ourselves of pleasure rather than fulfilling our pleasure rightly in the way God designed it. When we live a joyless Christian life, which in reality is not the Christian life at all, we tend to seek satisfaction through sin.


Now sin is pleasurable and fulfills a need or we wouldn’t ever be tempted by it but what it offers in the temporary comes with a high price in the permanent. When we sin, we get satisfied in the moment but in the process signed on the dotted line of an invisible contract that we are forfeiting an everlasting permanent joy in God for a temporary incomplete form that leads to sorrow! Satisfaction is wired into us but when we seek it through sin, we only lead ourselves to sorrow and Lamentations is a sad reminder of the power of sin to allure people away from true joy in the presence of God. This devotional series is going to be hard to go through because it will expose us if we truly submit to the word of God. It will expose us and make us feel uncomfortable but where we are exposed in God’s light is not for our shame but for our gain in Him. He exposes the sickness so that we can be healed and thus I want to encourage you that you may not see the fluffy gracious God that we are used to hearing but the grace of God is only fully understood and appreciated when you realize His absolute hatred towards sin.


Let us go through this series with humility and an open mind as God reminds us the consequences of sin and the not so worth it price tag that comes with it.




To help us understand the book of Lamentations, here are some background information that you need to know.


  • Jeremiah is writing this book after he saw the destruction of Jerusalem and his people being carried away into foreign lands to be slaves.

  • The destruction of God’s people was a judgment from God for the sins that they refused to repent from and God kept His word by punishing them.

  • This book is read in the Israelite community as a reminder of the consequences of sin and for us to practice faithfulness to the Lord.

  • This book is written in a poem fashion so there are a lot of metaphors. Ex: Jerusalem is represented as a woman. Nations of the world= other lovers


She weeps bitterly in the night,

   with tears on her cheeks;

among all her lovers

   she has none to comfort her;


she dwells now among the nations,

   but finds no resting place;


The king system was made in the community of God because they wanted to be just like everyone else in the world. The people of God became like the world and got what they wanted but their wrongful fulfillment of their desires led to sorrow. The people of God cry through the night as they are among their “lovers” or their idols and live among the nations to only find no resting place. The things of this world offer pleasurable in accordance to our heart’s desires but we will soon find out that when we get them at the price of our relationship with God, it will leave us with no rest, nor comfort, and night full of tears for we will realize in the end it was not worth it.


A question that you must ask yourselves is, “What is it worth to have the things of the world but lose God in the process? What am I seeking that costs my relationship with God? Is it worth it?”


Her uncleanness was in her skirts;

   she took no thought of her future;[d]

therefore her fall is terrible;

   she has no comforter.


Sin has no concept of value in the future as it’s main concern is the fulfillment of the now! Sin meets a desire quickly but will forfeit genuine continual fulfillment for the long run. It can make you happy as long as you give up long term happiness that can only happen with God. Sin comes with a lot of “hidden fees” and prices that we get blinded to because of the attractive idea of meeting a desire immediately and will not consider the consequences of what that price really means. To give up God in the moment may not feel like much but will be a disaster that will lead to sorrow in the long run whereas sin in the moment will feel great but be empty in the long. Don’t just live for the moment in front of you but live also for the future you will eventually head into!


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