March 22, 2018




God is fair. I know that we will, if not already, and will probably wrestle again with this statement in our walks with God. Most situations are unique and what I am going to say is a general observation from the lives of others and my own but the moments where a believer says that God is not fair are based off the fact that we didn’t get what we want when we wanted. The other factor that drives the statement that God is not fair is in a state of not knowing the full picture of what the events we are going through will reveal later down the line. We can’t tell the future yet we complain about our circumstances as if we know what our future is going to be like and in the midst of disappointment we usually paint the worst case scneraio that draws the conclusion that God is not fair. Several things that I want to address about this are the following:

  1. God is fair

  2. God is just

  3. God is all knowing and all powerful, therefore He is unfolding millions of plans/steps that we can’t even fathom


To say that God is not fair without knowing the full story is actually unfair and we must come to grips with the idea that in our limited knowledge of what will happen and even what is happening that we must learn to trust in God who is completely beyond us in knowledge, power, and wisdom. We may claim that we wouldn’t do certain things a particular way but then again we must remind ourselves that we are not perfect in our knowledge and wisdom but God is. As crazy as the judgment has been in the book of Lamentations, God has been fair and will be fair with grace as we get closer to the end.


If you are in a season where you are flirting with the thought that God is not fair I want to encourage you to remind yourself of the three theings mentioned above and re-center yourself in the Lord. God is not offended by your anger but don’t let your anger turn into an offended bitter heart that comes against God.


Lean into God today!




11 The Lord gave full vent to his wrath;

   he poured out his hot anger,

and he kindled a fire in Zion

   that consumed its foundations.

12 The kings of the earth did not believe,

   nor any of the inhabitants of the world,

that foe or enemy could enter

   the gates of Jerusalem.

13 This was for the sins of her prophets

   and the iniquities of her priests,

who shed in the midst of her

   the blood of the righteous.


When it came to Zion and the people of God, there was a belief that no one can enter into or overcome them because of God. Despite their size, they were a force to be reckoned with but this destruction has really challenged if not smashed that idea. What happened?


The sins of the leadership within the city removed the protection of God as sin opened the door for invasion from foreign nations. Sin is the refusal of God’s presence and protection while inviting the destruction that comes with the enemy. Our actions will either invite God or invite the enemy. When we choose to sin, we choose to invite the enemy and when we choose to live in God’s ways we are inviting God but there are certain things that may not be outright sinful that are not beneficial for our walks with God that can lead to sin.


  • When anything good or permissible becomes an addiction or idol.

    • For instance, wanting a good family is good but when it becomes an idol, it has thus become sinful because when something else is the center than God cannot be.

    • Depending upon the sensitivity of certain people, even watching scary movies, disturbing media, or media in general can create an environment that invites the enemy. Watching scary movies is not sinful per say but when you indulge in them and it becomes to be part of your life, it is a subtle way of creating an atmosphere for the enemy to be invited and thrive so best be careful with what you hear and what you watch because they do indeed influence you!


There are many things that you are allowed to do but a question you have to ask yourself is if it is beneficial for your walk with the Lord.


17 Our eyes failed, ever watching

   vainly for help;

in our watching we watched

   for a nation which could not save.

18 They dogged our steps

   so that we could not walk in our streets;

our end drew near; our days were numbered,

   for our end had come.

19 Our pursuers were swifter

   than the eagles in the heavens;

they chased us on the mountains;

   they lay in wait for us in the wilderness.

20 The breath of our nostrils, the Lord's anointed,

   was captured in their pits,

of whom we said, “Under his shadow

   we shall live among the nations.”


The people looked for anyone to help them but no one can save them from the hand of the LORD. When they were in trouble with God, they needed to seek God and make things right with Him for that was the only way to solve the situation but they refused to address things with God but avoided Him. As a helpful reminder because we tend to forget the important things at time, when in sin run to God not away from Him!


22 The punishment of your iniquity, O daughter of Zion, is accomplished;

   he will keep you in exile no longer;[b]

but your iniquity, O daughter of Edom, he will punish;

   he will uncover your sins.


God proclaimed that the Israelites punishment for their sins has been fulfilled or accomplished. God is fair. When there is sin, sin must be dealt with and God always fits the level of punishment with the crime. If that is the case, you can see how severe the crime was that the level of judgment became the way it was in this point in time in Israel’s history. God proclaims that they will no longer be in exile or punished for they paid for the crimes but we know that when they sin again that there will be payment again! An endless cycle!


This is where the beauty of the Gospel comes in because Jesus breaks the cycle. Sin is a big issue and the only thing that can satisfy the eternal punishment of sin forever is death but if we all die for our sins then God will not have His people. So what did God do? Did God just sweep things under the rug and gave everyone a free pass? No because that would mean that God is not just but God dealt with sin because He is a just God and the way he dealt with sin  was to send His son to die on our behalf to bear the full force of God’s eternal wrath for our sin. But because Jesus was perfect, His sacrifice was enough to satisfy ALL sin, past, present, and future so that anyone that wanted that gift of love from Jesus would get it, if they belonged to Him and allowed Jesus to represent them. If you wanted Jesus to represent you than you had to be bound to Him.


Jesus met the fair punishment of sin for us so that we can walk with Him in life. God is fair. God is just. God is gracious. Today let us remind ourselves the severity of sin yet the severity of righteous love.


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