March 23, 2018





It seems that the past several days has been on the subject of sin and nothing much else. One thing that I have come to realize is that sin happens but we are to not partner with, excuse, or indulge in it no matter how “small” or “big” they may be. I think that we categorize sin into sizes only when we fail to realize that ALL sin is missing the mark of God’s standard of living that only leads to unfruitful and broken lives.


The biggest scam that we can ever fall for is the idea that sin doesn’t cost and that it is harmless to yourself and definitely harmless to the people around you because sin doesn’t discriminate in who it will ruin but will seek out anyone willing to let it take a hold over their lives. We are at the end of the Lamentation series and today as we reflect on the effects that sin has on people, let us exercise that tool of repentance to uproot the seeds of sin that WE have planted in our lives so that we can plant the word of God in replace of it. As we draw to a close, I pray that you didn’t become numb to the constant topic of sin but that you have become more sensitive to it because I myself realized through this short series that a lifestyle of repentance is choosing a lifestyle that proclaims that you truly cherish life because everlasting life can only be found in God.




As we go through the text, we are going to reveal some of the effects. Granted these are not all the effects that can happen but here are some basic ones that we must consider as we know what sin can do and why we should not entertain it.


Remember, O Lord, what has befallen us;

   look, and see our disgrace!

2 Our inheritance has been turned over to strangers,

   our homes to foreigners.


The inheritance of Israel was the promised land that God told Abraham back in the book of Genesis. This was to a place where the people of God could call home and be a nation under God and thus each tribe (twelve in total) was given a portion of land within this territory to call their own. It was to be a symbol of God’s grace, salvation, and rest but over time the people of God failed to fully capture and receive the fullness of God’s inheritance or promise to them because they kept denying it in their lives because of the sin that they chose to commit to. In the first two verse of this passage, we see that the inheritance from God has been forfeited due to sin.


When we plant a seed, we plant with the hopes of getting something in return. Yet a planting of the seed of sin leads to loss! Sin is an illusion of gain that quickly reveals the reality of loss that you have obtained in your investment. The Israelites forfeited the blessing and promise of God because of sin. Sometimes our biggest obstacle for own blessing and breakthrough is ourselves and it is in these moments that we need the people in our lives to remind us of what we are giving up so that we don’t give it up. Trust me, sin is a no win situation though it will try and trick you as if there was a silver lining or benefit.


3 We have become orphans, fatherless;

   our mothers are like widows.

4 We must pay for the water we drink;

   the wood we get must be bought.

5 Our pursuers are at our necks;

   we are weary; we are given no rest.


Notice the change in status and identity of the people in that they are now identified as orphans, the fatherless, and widows. Sin also seeks to destroy our identity and degrade us into a position where we are no longer abundant in God but in a position of emptiness. The Israelites have become what they have chosen and to reject God is to reject more than a deity but reject the heavenly Father so in reality we are choosing to be orphans without any home or protection. When we choose this lifestyle we are choosing to live an inferior life to that of which God wants you to operate in because God doesn’t want you to operate from lack but abundance. May not be abundance in accordance to what the world sees as abundance but abundance that is situated right center in the presence of God. God is never lacking in anything, never worried, never stressed, and never weak so therefore where God is allowed to rule in our lives is where we will begin to see the characteristics of God manifest. Does that mean we will never struggle? NO! But what it means is that in the midst of the struggle you will have all you need in Him to get through it well.


As we close let us remind ourselves again that faithfulness to not independence from God is the answer to the life that is fruitful and joyful. Let us remind ourselves simply that sin is dumb and a no win situation.


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