April 12, 2018

THURSDAY 4.12.18

EZRA 8:1-20



“Let me add my two cents.”


You may not hear this expression too much these days but when someone wanted to add their two cents, it meant that they are adding their thoughts on the situation or question. When someone drops their pennies into a situation, they are adding their own contribution to the pool of ideas and answers. Most people are willing to drop their two cents about any situation in life and I believe that even when it comes to the growth of the church, everyone has their two cents but more than your two cents of an opinion, what keeps the movement of God going is more than your two cents but your participation as well! We give two cent thoughts but can we also give our two cent actions?


This is not to say that we give minimal effort or small amount of effort but the point is that everyone has a part to play in contributing themselves into the movement of God and the growth of the church. There are a lot of consumers in the church but very few producers and we see an imbalance today where people are getting burnt out because they are doing too much of the work that needed to be spread out amongst many people. When there is this prolonged imbalance of work to workers ratio in the development of the church, we will see that the movement will stop or plateau.


We can see many things beyond the initial excitement or establishment of the move of God if but more people would catch on and contribute to the momentum of growth! Today’s devo is pretty simple in that Ezra saw that the amount of Levites that were already in Jerusalem was not enough to sustain what God was doing so therefore he recruited more people to come and help. As Jesus stated in the Gospels, the “harvest is plentiful but the workers are few and therefore plead to the Lord of the harvest to send more workers.” I believe today, that there are many of you out there that God has gifted well and created uniquely that can contribute to the growth of the church and keep the movement of God going! Let us all stand together today to chip in our two cents of thoughts, actions, and above all else our presence.


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