April 19, 2018


PSALM 104:19-35



The heart of worship is a heart that never stops worshipping. As we look through the remainder of this Psalm, I am reminded today that what we focus on is what we will tend to worship. We may not physically bow down to it or even like it but we will worship it. A basic principle of worship is giving our full attention onto something as the beauty and glory of that thing gets a firm grip on our attention. I was asked by God this morning where my meditations have been as of late and I repented because giving God the mornings was not enough! Giving God moments was not enough! We think our devotion is enough where we are at this moment in our lives but the realization is that our devotion can always go deeper, can become sweeter, and be more fulfilling than we dare imagine! This is not to say that we beat ourselves up for where we are now but the realization is that this lifestyle of worship is a lifelong journey that will break through into eternity when we are in heaven with the Lord.


So therefore, the heart of worship is a heart that never stops worshipping the LORD.




The psalmist lays out how majestic and vast creation is and though the human race is the masterpiece of God’s creation, there are some things that the animal kingdom/nature displays that we could learn from.


So I am going to write down a list of the things that stood out to me when reading the song that the psalmist wrote. The number in ( ) indicates the verse that the thought comes from.


  1. That as nature has total trust in God to provide, we need to trust God in our daily needs (27)

  2. God gives good things (28)

  3. The withdrawing of God’s presence causes a troubling alarm in creation and thus it is ultimately God’s presence that keeps us together mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Worldly ways may give you peace in some of the four areas of your being but God gives you all four (29)!

  4. God is in complete control over life and death (29). He does not bend to natural laws but natural law is made by God who sets the standard.

  5. The will and desire of the created is for the creator to be glorified and that God’s beauty or majesty lasts forever (31).

  6. The LORD rejoices in His creation (31). To enjoy life is a good thing and to enjoy it is an act of worship as long as God is still number one in our lives. It’s like having a group of friends but also having that best friend. You can enjoy the friendships of others but there is something special that you have with your best friend and that your commitment to them is far superior than any other friendships you will have. It doesn’t mean you won’t have good friendships with others but there is something special with the bestie. Is God your ultimate bestie?

  7. Singing is one way of showing love to God as music is an expression of the soul (33). While the Psalmist lives, he is determined to worship. Do we have that same type of determination to live a life of praise? To say that it is too much shows our lack of understanding of how worthy God is to be praised continuously! When you know the worth, you will pay the price!

    1. Practical tip! In verse (34) talks about the meditation. A key question to ask when trying to live a life of praise is to ask what your thoughts are focused on or what we call meditation? What has your attention the most and where do you find your ultimate joy in? To find our joy in the Lord and have Him capture our thoughts will lead to actions that are reflective of being a disciple. Why? What we meditate upon is what we will produce. Have you noticed that when you are stressed inwardly that with time, you will show it outwardly and even take it out on the people around you? What starts as an inward meditation turns to outward action and therefore a heart that meditates upon the Lord will walk like the Lord!




Worship is an ongoing pursuit of showering God with our love, attention, and affection. Yes there will be times that is hard but in those times we must remember who God is so that it fans the flame of worship once again. When you don’t feel like worshipping, recall the faithfulness of God and who He is so that in that sweet moment of remembrance that you are reminded the purpose with which you were created with; to be loved by God and love Him back.


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