April 23, 2018

Psalm 106:1-12



If you attended church your whole life, you might’ve heard and said this phrase countless times. In fact, I bet some of you responded with, “ALL THE TIME!” in your mind or out loud. There ain’t no shame in proclaiming God’s goodness so amen!


Anyway, you know when you repeat a word or a phrase so many times that it starts to lose its meaning? I’ve experienced this with the phrase, “God is good.” There was a period in my life when my heart was shrouded with shame and guilt because of my sins. During this time, saying the phrase “God is good” was more of a habit than a truth. It wasn’t until this one moment during a service, when God began to show me who I was to Him, that I was reminded of why we say that God is good, even in our darkest moments.




Today’s psalm begins with thanksgiving, proclaiming that God’s love endures forever. The psalmist then begins to confess that they have sinned just as their ancestors did, but then ends with a testimony of how God still saved their ancestors in the midst of their sin and rebellion. Their ancestors then believed in God’s promises and praised God. I believe that the testimony the psalmist wrote shows his faith in God. Although, this psalm contains confessions of sin, it lead with thanksgiving. The psalmist was able to proclaim God's goodness and thank Him in the midst of knowing his own sins.




No matter what our days look like, the truth that remains is that God is good, all the time. Our sins don’t make God less good nor should we believe otherwise. As the psalmist wrote in the beginning, God’s love endures forever. Your sins don’t define you, nor does anything or anyone else besides God. God has clearly made and identified you as His child, whom He loves so much. That is why God is good. It’s not because we did anything, but it’s because God’s love runs deeper than all things, and this very love dwells in you!


Take a moment to sit in God’s presence and to reflect why you believe that God is good! We all fall short, but God’s love bridges the gap that our sins created. Now’s not a time to feel ashamed or guilty, but to be thankful! End this time with a prayer of thanksgiving!


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