June 7, 2018




God is the source of life and is life Himself. If sin, at its core is what separates us from God because God cannot be with sin, then we can start to see why He is so angry with it when we commit it as we are separating ourselves from life. A person that cares for another person will be angered due to love when they see the person doing acts that harm them and if this is the case then how much more just the reaction of God to our sin! God is sin intolerant and will do whatever it takes to not compromise with it but rid of it fully within the presence of His people. As God is life and gives life, He will do whatever it takes to preserve it and that is carried out through His justice. Today let us live out the Gospel in our lives by having nothing to do with sin but living in such a way that cherishes life in Him.




Jesus died so that we can die to ourselves and live forever with Him (v.22-23)


Deuteronomy 21 centers around preserving life and we are going to focus on the last two verses of the chapter. To summarize, if a person commits a crime that is punishable by death and especially death by hanging on a tree, then their body is to not remain overnight but be buried the same day so that the death will not bring a pollution or curse upon the land. When Jesus was beaten and crucified on the cross, the NT sees that Jesus dying on the cross is this law being fulfilled. To hang on the tree also meant historically to either be impaled onto a stake, cross or literally hanged from a tree as a form of punishment and example to the rest of the community to not follow in the rebellion of the person that is on display.


But Jesus didn’t deserve to die! You are right in that Jesus didn’t do anything deserving of death but chose to die the death of a criminal so that He can represent us as He took the full wrath of God against sin! Jesus is the leader that we follow if we choose so therefore the path that Jesus took is what we will take. That is why when we are saved by believing that Jesus died and rose again for us that we follow that same path of dying to ourselves (our old way of living) to live in the new way of a being that is in a relationship with Jesus. That is why salvation changes us because He is in us giving us new life that sin, Satan, and the world tries to take away.


God preserves life. The death of Christ preserved our lives and God was very much into the details of that plan and process. What can we take away from this?


  1. If you haven’t committed your life to Jesus Christ in that you gave up your former way of life, then start living in such a way where people can begin to realize that you live differently. That you live in such a way that is a reflection of your relationship with Jesus.

  2. What are some of the sins that separate us from God that we need to separate from so that we can preserve the life that the Lord has given us?

  3. If you don’t know what it means to live like Jesus than read the Bible that gives us a clear example of how to live like Him! Don’t settle for ignorance but seek the truth! If you need help, read the Gospels, starting with Matthew.


Let us be people that love life extravagantly, a life that can only be found in Him.


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