June 20, 2018






A covenant is a relationship that is established between two people that is taken seriously. It is an agreement to be with one another with rules that lay out what happens when either person breaks it and what happens when they faithfully keep it. A marriage between a man and woman is a form of covenant between two people. Within marriage, there are certain rules and guidelines that come with that type of commitment in that they are to no longer see other people romantically but be fully devoted to one another, for to fail in doing that will lead to a broken relationship!


The Lord establishes covenants with people and without fail it is the people that fail in keeping the covenant. In today’s passage, God reestablishes the covenant with the Israelites and lays out the point of it and how God has truly been the faithful one to them despite their disobedience.


This is something important for us to understand because it is when we doubt God that we jeopardize our own covenant with the LORD because doubt leads to fear and fear leads to distance and distance leads to separation from God, which leads us away from everything that our heart truly longs for.




We must first understand that a covenant with the LORD is full of grace. Grace again is the blessings we get that we don’t deserve and it is something that is not earned but is something out of God’s goodness that He just naturally gives. So what are some of those covenant graces?


The grace of revelation (v.2-4)


Encountering God is a grace. Understanding is also a grace but it is a privilege that not everyone will receive because not everyone is committed to the LORD in receiving that grace. Sometimes we think to understand God and his ways is a right but it’s not. God doesn’t owe you anything! God doesn’t have to make Himself understandable to be validated as God and we need to understand that there will be no amount of devotion that makes God owe us something! Understanding is a byproduct of His grace within relationship and yes people will get general understanding of Him but for those who are truly committed to following Him even in the midst of seasons of “silence” will get the intimacy of understanding His heart. If you are in a season where God doesn’t seem to be speaking, I will encourage you to

  1. Not give up

  2. Keep seeking him

  3. Keep being faithful to walk like Christ

  4. And realize that silence is often times the biggest moments of revelation when we choose to be still and embrace the process of growing a relationship.


The grace of being led by Him (v.5-6)


To be led by His presence is a form of grace. A lot of frustrations that I’ve seen in believers who are not quite new to the faith but not quite a “veteran” is the frustration of not being able to feel or hear him, which draws in the conclusion that they are not being led. The Lord’s goal is to not start a relationship and abandon it but to guide His people in it as He provides the grace of His presence. His grace leads to His continual guiding presence and with that the provisions of daily living but the ultimate point is not daily provision but knowledge of God’s goodness so that we stick to Him. Consider it a great privilege that we are able to approach His presence because of Jesus Christ, a privilege that generations of God’s people in the Old Testament longed for but couldn’t. Don’t take it for granted and don’t believe in the lie that God will abandon you.


The commands of God are restrictive graces in our lives (v.9)


We come against the lie that keeping the word of God is slavery because we are restricting our freedom! Sometimes restriction is the greatest form of blessing. How? Because to restrict ourselves and putting up boundaries help us from hurting ourselves. For example, to put up a warning sign and fence at the edge of a cliff restrains us and one can say alter our “freedom” but that restriction keeps us alive. The commands of God are for the purpose of thriving and living fully the life of blessing that God has intended.


Today, let us seek rid of any sin and run from any temptation that will compromise the covenant we have with the Lord and the graces that we are stopping in our lives. Let us seek to obey His word and seek His presence through it!


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