June 26, 2018




Growing up, there was a high probability that you had an imaginary friend. It can either be due to an overactive imagination or loneliness but whatever the case may be, this is a common practice that a lot of children do but eventually get rid of. We may look at imaginary friends and see that as childish but what is really childish is when we grow up to shed away our imaginary friends and adopt imaginary enemies! People believe that they have this external force that is coming against them and even assume that certain people in their lives are totally out to get them. We blame our circumstances and the hardships we go through on these imaginary enemies and focus all of our energy on ridding ourselves of such things or putting all of our mental energy stressing but not coming to a solution.


Granted, there are times in our lives where we do have people that do not like us and make our lives miserable but a lot of times we are locked in a life and death struggle with ourselves. The problem for the majority of our problems is not the devil or even the world, but most likely ourselves… yes, we are our biggest obstacle! In Galatians 5:22-23, Paul writes to us what the fruit of the Spirit is and what we find there is that an aspect of the fruit of the Spirit is actually self-control and not other control but we focus so much energy outwards that we don’t realize how we set ourselves up for hardship!


As we are coming to the end of Deuteronomy, God instructs Moses to teach the Israelites this song because He knows that they will eventually stray away from Him in the future. When they walk away from the LORD, they will have all this calamity come upon them and therefore this song that they will know serves as a  reminder to them the reason of why they are in the situation that they are in. The Israelites are not victims but masters of their own terrible condition when they chose their sin over a relationship with the LORD.


How does this all start? In verse fifteen, Israel is given the name of “Jeshurun.” The name of Jeshurun means, “Upright one, uprightness, or righteous nation.” This was Israel's identity and nature that God has given them when He redeemed them but the blessing that they were about to receive will cause them to walk away from the identity they have been given. This tells us that to truly appreciate blessing, one must practice living daily in their God given identity so that the blessing doesn’t turn into a curse. People seek God during crisis but I believe that we are to seek God more during seasons of blessing because blessings has the temptation for us to forget who God is but like Jeshurun, we must keep ourselves upright in our identity and stand in the LORD.


So what can we do today? Daily live out your identity in the LORD. Don’t know your identity? Know God who tells you your identity. Seek Him daily and at this point if you’ve been following these posts, you know enough to start a daily journey with God. Seek to know the LORD today and ask the Holy Spirit to help you from the many ways you might stop yourself from knowing God more and living like Him. Don’t know where to start? Start in the areas where you make excuses as to why God is not priority but simply an accessory in your life and go from there!


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