June 28, 2018




Like an old fatherly figure, Moses gives a prophetic blessing over the tribes of Israel as the first prophet king. The way that Moses starts this blessing is reminding them of how God came to be in the lives of the people and through His power and grace led the people from a place of slavery to this promised land that they are about to enter into. We are not going to go through each of the blessings proclaimed over every tribe but what we know are the following:


  • Each blessing is in accordance to the character and traits of the tribe

  • For some, they take into account in what they will be doing within the nation and their past history with the LORD.

  • That these can be forfeited


Each blessing is in accordance to the tribe that it regards and you realize that they are tailored to each tribe. The reason that I say that the prophetic blessings can be forfeited because as we read through the Bible further, the nation of Israel falls apart due to their sin.


A prophetic word is nice and gives us hope as God speaks to His people through people but the realization is that prophetic blessings are possibilities and it is a possibility because our faithfulness or lack of it can determine the endurance of that blessing in our lives. When someone gives a prophetic word of blessing to you or anyone within your church, pay attention to what is being said but more importantly we must ask ourselves how we can set up a lifestyle that will help that blessing come to pass!


Think of prophetic blessings as seeds that are planted in the soil of our lives. Depending upon the soil that it is planted in will determine the growth and future of that seed. With prophetic blessings the only sure way we know if they are true is if it actually happens and therefore we must patiently wait for it to develop. Now waiting doesn’t mean that we just sit and do nothing because that is not the best “soil” for that seed to grow but the soil that is ready before the LORD is the one that is living faithfully to the word of God already revealed through the Bible! A lot of times, people passively receive words and do nothing with that and wonder why nothing is happening! Are you prepping the soil and nurturing it daily? Are you living in such a way where you keep those words in mind by living faithfully for the Lord? These are important aspects of prophetic blessings that we forget about because we get caught up in the words themselves not realizing that the actions that follow will either make it into reality or not!


Today, as the LORD what prophetic blessings have been proclaimed in your life and write them down on paper or on your phone. Keep them, read them daily, and then most importantly set up a plan of lifestyle that will be the best to help those words grow into reality!


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