July 18, 2018


2 KINGS 1:13-18


We touched upon the fear of God in the past and how the fear of God helps us to properly relate with the LORD. Yes the Bible often times depicts God as a father, friend, helper, and all these terms of intimacy that conveys closeness of relationship but it doesn’t mean that we treat him like a common thing with absolutely no reverence. I think that the church has grown accustomed to the God of the “New Testament” not realizing that He is the same God of the old and somewhere along the lines of trying to make him relatable that we forfeited the part of Him that helps us to understand that He is God and that we are created beings.


Whether in the world or not, we must restore back the fear of God within the church for the lack of fear is what puts the CAP in our spiritual growth and blocks us from truly being intimate with the Him.


Elijah represented God and people knew that! The captain of the first two fifties approached Elijah with such disrespect that they were consumed in fire. The third captain of the fifty acknowledged Elijah as a man of God but rather than barking orders he assumed a posture of humility, which led to his life being spared. Before God, yes we are sons but do we approach him with fear and honor or are we carelessly demanding things from God without any consideration as to who He truly is?


The fear of God helps us to truly appreciate the grace of God in our lives! How? When we realize the power of His grace and His stance towards sin that we have committed, we realize how much we have been forgiven. When we realize the weight of our forgiveness because of how offensive sin is to God, we will start having a different view on sin. When we properly fear Him, we won’t be careless towards him but take him seriously at his word for when there is a lack of fear, there is a lack of disobedience. The fear of God in Israel at this time is at an all time low and therefore that lack has caused the filling of idol worship and sin. When we fail to fear we will fail to obey and we will ultimately fail to connect with God!


But notice in today’s passage that the third captain’s posture of fear and humility led to a different outcome than the previous captains. When we fear God, we also received the extension of God’s grace! The fear of God doesn’t keep your face planted to the ground but what I noticed with all those who chose to fear God from the start are the ones that eventually stand with God till the end in a place of honor.


The fear of God sounds like a bad thing but it is the key to a closer relationship with God and the key to freeing ourselves from the temptations of sin.


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