God's Imminent Victory

August 6, 2018

2 Kings 10:1-17


In this passage, God commands Jehu to wipe out the household of Ahab. Whenever there's murder involved, it gets a little tricky and we begin to question God's character. But one thing we have to remember is that if God is truly "good," then He must defend His people against the "bad" in this world. God isn't a pushover; He's the One who judges. To bring it into today's context a little bit, my question is: are you for God or against Him? No one going to find you and assassinate you, but the fact in question is: "Are you living for your own kingdom or God's Kingdom?" Do your words/actions/lifestyle uplift your own desires or do they uplift the name of Jesus? It's important to realize that no matter what, God is victorious at the end, so we need to work towards that, not towards our own desires!


Notes on the Text

4 But they were exceedingly afraid and said, "Behold, the two kings could not stand before him. How then can we stand?"

- The rulers and the elders of Samaria understood God's judgement that would be upon Ahab's household. They were afraid and obeyed Jehu's instructions because they knew that God's judgement could not be stopped.


- Learn to distinguish what is of God by reading Scripture. I recommend you to start reading another book in the Bible along with the daily devotionals!

- If you're not quite sure which book to start with, ask the pastoral staff, mentors, or parents!!! Reading the Word of God is a MUST in our walk with Him.



- Ultimately, God emerges as the victor

- Work towards building up the Kingdom of God, not your own.

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