August 8, 2018

2 KINGS 11:1-21



God is about to cleanse the southern Kingdom of Judah of Baal worship and in that process he has fulfilled promises that ensures the salvation of the world. To understand today’s passage, we gotta point out some family history.


What I present to you is from Dr. Constable’s notes on 2 Kings





Athaliah (bottom middle in CAPS) is the mother of Ahaziah and is the daughter of Jezebel who is notorious for leading Israel away from the Lord and Athaliah is not different. As her son Ahaziah was taken out by king Jehu earlier, there is this empty spot for king that should have went to the sons of Jehoram but Athaliah took this opportunity to kill off all the sons to take the throne of power for herself. Yet Jehosheba hid Joash for a period of six years while Athaliah unrightfully ruled Judah.


There is something important to realize here because God promised that an heir from the line of David will sit on the throne forever and that the messiah will come forth from this line but if Athaliah succeeded in carrying out her plans then that promise would have been impossible to keep! Think about it, a little baby was all that was left between the promise either being fulfilled or destroyed as Satan is using whatever person on earth to take out the family line that will eventually produce Jesus Christ. If Athaliah succeeded, Jesus wouldn’t have come through and we would all be in very different situations right now but God keeps His word.


God is keeping His word and on the seventh year (remember that the number seven represents completion) God is going to fully carry out his plan of cleansing out the false leaders and Baal worship in Judah. In the seventh year, Joash has been anointed king at the age of seven and we see Athaliah and all those associated with Baal destroyed with the people of God making a new commitment to the LORD through the priest Jehoiada.


What is the application for us today?


  1. God is faithful to keep promises. Sometimes we take our circumstances more seriously than what God promises to us and therefore what these stories testify about God is that He ALWAYS pulls through according to His plan not ours.

  2. Corrupted leaders and lifestyles will be dealt with. Just like Jezebel was taken care of in Israel, Athaliah was taken care of in Judah. Evil may reign for a bit but God will reign forever. Let us therefore

    • Trust in the Lord to live in accordance to who he says he is in that he is the God of justice and is carrying out a plan of redemption

    • That our trust in Him involves living for Him and living like Jesus Christ. That we must continually proclaim the Gospel, tend to the sick, feed the hungry, show love and mercy while living lives dedicated unto Him. That we are to stand up to injustice when we see it and not ignore it as a form of being “holy.”


God’s plan against the corruption of sin that the world is under is through the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that is the first message above all else that we must embody and proclaim for a social justice movement is pointless if it doesn’t deal with sin, God, and eternal life. But if we embody the Gospel than we shall see that it will lead us to deal with social issues. Let us get the order right and let us be the light for the world to see.


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