August 15, 2018


2 Kings 15:23-38


“And he did what was evil in the sight of the LORD. He did not turn away from the sins of Jeroboam the son of Nebat, which he made Israel to sin.”


If you have been walking with us through the book of second kings, you will notice that this phrase pops up pretty frequently. It seems the kings that we read about in Israel’s history will be compared to this king and whether they followed in his footsteps or not. So what exactly did Jeroboam do?


In 1 Kings 12-14, we see that Jeroboam is the first King of Israel after they kingdom divides to the northern and southern side. These are the things that Jeroboam is guilty of:


  1. He corrupted the worship of God by making golden calves as objects of worship for the northern kingdom of Israel.

  2. Instead of Jerusalem being the place of worship, which God established, he made Bethel and Dan the new places of worship for the north.

  3. God established that the Levites were to be the priests but Jeroboam made his own priestly crew because he abandoned the established order of God.


Jeroboam pretty much created his own religion because he was afraid of losing his followers and power! For his sake, he was willing to lead people away from the LORD and this was one of the greatest sins committed in the history of Israel and created generations of corrupt kings that only further distanced the people of God from Him.


In verse thirty-three of First Kings twelve states that Jeroboam was making all these changes through the plans that were coming from his heart and this reveals to us that fear and not God was guiding him. When we look at sin that is trending, we have to ask ourselves what we can do in the grace of God to break that? As a follower of Christ we must...


  1. Be guided by His word and Spirit than our own individual heart. The heart can be confused and tricked and though we are not to kill our emotions, we are not to be ruled by them!

  2. Don’t fight for authority or try to hoard it! Power and leadership is for His glory not ours.

  3. Keep the unity of the community of Christ for the purpose of glorifying and loving on God.


When I look at these three things, I realized that Jesus embodies all three and therefore to break trending sin is to look at and follow Jesus Christ who is our example of how to live the actual human life. To sin is not what makes us human but to be holy is what makes us human for God didn’t create humans with sin but without so what we are now is not in accordance to the blueprint made by God.


Christ restores the blueprint for us and therefore we must look to Him by living for Him daily so that we may not continue in the sins that we have committed or are passed down to us from people before us. Let us break that trending sin through the power of the Holy Spirit’s presence in our lives!


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