August 16, 2018


2 KINGS 16:1-20


Compromise: something intermediate between two things


To compromise is to meet in the middle. Compromising can either be good or bad depending upon the circumstances. To compromise between two good desires for the sake of a relationship can be good. For instance, if you want pizza and the other person wants burgers and ice cream, the compromise can be that you guys get pizza but afterwards get ice cream. In a compromise, both people get a little bit of what they want at the cost of giving up what they fully want so that both people can be satisfied.


The negative take of compromising however is when we are willing to compromise our standards or morals to engage in sinful activities. For instance, we can compromise our stance on lying and even justify it if it means that lying is the only way for us to escape punishment or avoid an undesirable circumstance. We compromise by engaging in sinful activities that do not please God so that we can be accepted by our friends or society.


When it comes to God and sin, there can be no compromise or meeting in the middle, we either will choose God or sin! Ahaz was one of Judah’s king during the time when the whole nation of Israel was split into the northern and southern side. Judah was the southern kingdom and though Israel was compromised so much with the world that they no longer followed God or even resembled being the people of God, Judah was not any better!


Ahaz was caught in a difficult situation and instead of seeking and trusting in the LORD, he compromised his dedicated relationship with God to seek help from foreign nations. The original plan of God for Israel when they were one nation was to drive out other nations as they claimed the promised land because of the sinful influences that they would have on them! Instead of fully driving out the nations, they only did half the job and thus other nations remained to the point that Ahaz was following in the sinful practices of these nations such as burning their own children as sacrifice!


Ahaz receiving help from the King of Assyria has led to him giving up his identity and relationship with God to fully conform to the ways of the other nations. When faced with difficult situations we will either come out of it stronger when we lean upon God or we will compromise to the pressure and give up God for momentary relief. Ahaz has received momentary relief but gained an eternity’s worth of separation from God and that is a very unbalanced trade!


Everyone will be tempted to compromise in some shape or form. In what ways are you be tempted to give up God for momentary relief from the society's pressure to look like, act like, think like, and feel like the rest of the crowd? Is it worth it? I would say it is isn’t worth giving up our identities in God for the momentary comforts of the world. Today let us commit ourselves in not compromising with the world but staying committed to God!


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