August 21, 2018


2 Kings 19:1-19


We all experience pressure in our lives. Pressure can either bring out the best or worst of us and what determines what comes out is what we choose to cultivate in our daily lives. When we cultivate negativity, what will naturally come through during pressurized situations will be negativity. If we have cultivated positivity, then during pressurized situations, positivity will come out. Last week, we looked at how the lifestyle of idol worship that King Ahaz cultivated led to him giving his allegiance and life over to a foreign king when he was faced with the pressure of invasion.


King Hezekiah on the other hand, displays an opposite response to crisis than king Ahaz. With the threat of Assyria at the doorsteps of Jerusalem, Hezekiah is trying his best to keep the people together and keep their trust in the LORD.


Here are the responses of Hezekiah and the responses of the enemy:


  • Hezekiah gathers his leadership and sought out the voice of the LORD by seeking the prophet Isaiah (V. 6-7)

    • Isaiah, gave assurance to Hezekiah that the LORD declared that the threat of Assyria will be taken care of and that God will provide deliverance.

  • The Rabshakeh continues to threaten and intimidate Hezekiah in light of Hezekiah’s stance of trusting in the LORD (V.10-13)

    • The enemy has several tactics against the believer

      • Break trust in God. This is Satan’s go to move since the beginning when he deceived Adam and Eve to stop trusting in the word of God.

      • Intimidation. If the enemy can’t break your trust in God, he will try to intimidate you into believing that you should be scared of him and what he is going to do to you.

      • Distraction. The enemy will try anything and everything to keep your eyes off of God and have you focus on the problems at hand.

  • Hezekiah acknowledges the problem but brings the problem to the LORD (V.14-19).

    • Hezekiah was presented with a problem but he presented that problem to the LORD in prayer. When problems present themselves before you, present yourself to the LORD! The way Hezekiah did this is through prayer. When we look at Hezekiah’s prayer, there are five parts to it that we can model our prayers after when faced with pressurized situations!

      • He proclaimed God’s sovereignty or control over all things

      • He asked the LORD to pay attention to the things that are going on. He invited God into the situation.

      • Hezekiah stood on the truth by proclaiming that the other gods of the nations conquered were not real gods and that His God (YHWH) is the one true God.

      • Asked for Salvation

      • But ultimately it was for God’s glory and we see that even in the request of salvation that God’s glory is at the center of it all.


In the past several chapters of second kings, the question of how we respond to pressure is a constant theme. Pressure only reveals what we have been cultivating in the hidden private moments of our lives and today Hezekiah revealed in the midst of the pressure, His trust in God.


Today let us look at Hezekiah’s response to pressure and see how we respond to pressure. Do we lean upon God or do we find ourselves leaning upon something or someone else? Let us look to the LORD to be our strength daily so that when crisis hits, we will respond in such a way that the LORD will be revealed.


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