September 5, 2018


ROMANS 3:1-20


The end doesn’t justify the means. What does this mean? It means that someone tries to justify or excuse a wrong action because the eventual outcome of that action brought out a good ending. For instance, a person can be lying to another person to “protect” them from the truth and a good came out of it but in the eyes of God; He proclaims that a good ending doesn’t excuse the road of sin that it took to get there. The world we live in a lot of times lives this way and it is also tempting amongst the body of Christ to live in this way as well but we must remind ourselves that our model of comparing what the right way of living is not each other or even the spiritual leaders that we admire but God himself! If God is our standard than we can most definitely agree with the Apostle Paul in today’s passage that no one is good!


What ultimately causes the brokenness and people not being good is sin but what are some of the conditions that help promote that culture?


  • No one understands (v.11)

  • No one seeks for God (v.11)

  • No one does good (v.12)

  • There is no fear of God before their eyes (v.18)


When no one fears God, then they will take on a posture of arrogance and pride towards Him so that they begin to not lean upon God but their own understanding. When humans begin to trust in themselves more than God and become the judge of what is right or wrong according to their eyes, not only is there a twisted version of grace but twisted version of what is right and wrong because the guidance comes from a place of a broken heart through sin rather than the perfect righteousness of God!


Humans leaning upon themselves rather than God leads to no one seeking after God which then no one will understand who God is. Now understanding is more than an intellectual knowing of facts but an understanding that comes from a deep connection with another person. When someone says that they understand God, it is not saying that they figured Him out like a puzzle but through a deep connection with Him, know His ways and how to live it out both in the private moments of their lives and with others.


So what is the answer for the Christian in a world of brokenness that would try and justify it through their own standards of what is right and wrong?


Fear the Lord and seek to know Him through His word and prayer.


Simple yet most will not do this because they want something that is more “spiritual” or more advanced but it doesn’t get any more advanced than these foundational practices of growing in intimacy with God! If we want to live in the Kingdom culture than we must live with the King. Today let us understand God and His ways so that we can spread His ways in the world that desperately needs to live in His ways so that we don’t continue in the cycle of brokenness we see everyday.


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