November 23, 2018






Hello friends,


Hope everyone is doing well on this Thanksgiving Week!


In the midst of food and family, let us take time to reflect on what we can be thankful for because when we don’t this often, we often will find ourselves complaining about everything. It is funny that towards the end of the year that we begin to en mass start posturing ourselves in thanksgiving because of a holiday but a daily posture in thanksgiving will actually propel us further than where we have come thus far.


How so?


Thankfulness brings appreciation.


Appreciation sets a positive mindset and tone.


This leads to atmosphere for passion and creativity to thrive.


It’s hard to be creative and passionate when you’re in a negative mindset.


It’s hard to grow when the focus is on why things are not happening rather than what we can do to start making things happen.


Let us be thankful. It will create the atmosphere within and around you for positive growth.


If I am going to be honest, this year has been hard to be postured in thankfulness.

If I am going to be honest there were many struggles this year for me personally and the several things that the LORD is highlighting in me these past couple of months are the following (please bear with me)

  • Insignificance

  • Comparison

  • Jealousy

I realized that these three areas are actually the major blocks to creativity, joy, and growth (shout out to Brene Brown and her works).


When I compare I kill my own unique creativity and design.


When I feel insignificant, I can’t celebrate others and noticed that I can’t even celebrate myself when I do something well because of the feeling of insignificance. Insignificance likes to disguise itself as humility and being humble but it’s just a prideful refusal to accept the greatness that which God has created you to drop that quick.


When I am jealous, I cannot appreciate what I do have and that is a tragedy because more often times than not, we are more blessed than we think.


When I continue to sit in this unholy trinity of insignificance, comparison, and jealousy, my motivations and character are off. There was a desire placed upon my heart these past couple of years to write books. How did the unholy trinity affect this desire placed upon my heart.



  • I have nothing new to say.

  • You’re a terrible writer.

  • No one will read it so why write it?



  • Everyone is doing big things so do it (wrong motivation)

  • You need to make a name for yourself through this because everyone is doing big things

  • Do it for glory.

  • You need to be recognized like everyone else so go kill it.


Like the Holy Trinity that supports and thrives off of each other, this unholy trinity feeds into and works off of each other. After forcing myself into prayer, the Spirit revealed the motivations and the lack of character I was exhibiting, which led to repentance.


I had to change my perspective on everything in regards to my personal life!


So what happened?


The desire to write was placed in my heart by God and therefore more than being concerned if people read it or whether it is good or not, I do it for His glory. I do it because I want to obey. I do it because I want to bless people with it. The wrong motivations that were created due to comparison and jealousy being fueled by insignificance actually caused me to drag my feet in the process of writing and actually hindered creative insight. The moment I gave it up and course corrected my motivations or the “whys” of my actions that I began to grasp the original design the LORD has created me with.


That I am Significant in His eyes


That I am a person that celebrates others


That I am creative though sometimes weird =P


That I am more than what I am now


That my journey is my journey and I am where I need to be in Him




About today’s passage… where is this coming from.


Baruch was the scribe for Jeremiah, meaning he was the person that often times wrote down everything Jeremiah told him to. Baruch’s name means “blessed” but in today’s passage Baruch’s claims reveal everything but being blessed.


He is crying out and complaining the hard ministry that he has partnered into as everything is in ruins. The ministry in the eyes of humans is a complete failure because people did not listen and if anything were hostile towards him, so it makes sense that he is wailing in complaint.


Baruch being a scribe is a highly educated man. His brother was in fact a high official under King Hezekiah and his grandfather was the ruler of Jerusalem during the reign of King Josiah. Coming from this background, his thought would be that his obedience to the LORD will lead to a favorable high position when things settled.


In verse five, God tells Baruch to not seek great things for himself because He is going to bring disaster to the whole land. Baruch’s faithfulness will not lead to riches or high positions but that his life will be spared in the midst of the judgment.


Aren’t we at times in a similar position to Baruch? We are faithful but we get “nothing” in return. His hope was to be placed in a high position in the midst of it all but God told him that He will utterly remove everything so what he hoped for is not coming.

This can be a crisis point for a lot of point. What is interesting is that in these moments of crisis, our motivations and character our horribly exposed. We a lot of times can say we have the right motivations when there is hope for things that what we truly desire are still on the table but what if everything that we desired and even deserve are not coming?


It is at these points that we must take note of our motivations and desires and correct them if need be. We don’t serve and follow God for the gold streets of heaven but for the everlasting presence of God that makes it heaven. We may not get “everything” that we want in this world but we will have everything we will ever need and then some in Him.


For me, I must fight back the temptations to follow the unholy trinity and have misguided motivations that lead to bent character.


How do I do that?


I MUST posture myself in worship everyday.


I MUST sit in His presence and word daily.


I MUST remind myself why I do the things I do and who I do it for.


As much as my heart, mind, and soul minister to me through the direction of the unholy trinity, I must minister to my heart, mind, and soul through the Holy Trinity. We let our souls talk to us a lot but sometimes we have to talk to our souls the truth.


It's been tough this season but I know that my broken hallelujahs will always be pleasing to His ears when I keep my focus on Him. Let us worship and write down what we are truly thankful for as we move forward with the destiny He has for us!






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