January 11, 2019


Psalm 119:122


Happy new year!


Hope you all are doing well as we are ten days into the new year.


Can I be honest with you all?


It is already tough!


You know how every year at the New Year’s Eve service, the presiding pastor will proclaim that the following year is going to be your year and more often times than we like, the following year is full of strife and hardships.


I was that presiding pastor at the 2018 NYE service and 2019 has been tough personally for me but what I am encouraged by and want to encourage you with is that our greatest victories come from our greatest battles! Though it is hard, I am proclaiming and determined that at the 2019 NYE service, I will confidently say that it was a tough year but at the same time the biggest year of growth and breakthrough!


2019… it’s going to be a good year.


We start the new year off with meditating upon Psalm 119, which deals with the importance of the word of God in the believers life. Rhema and logos, are two terms that are used in the Bible to describe the word of God.


The rhema is the fresh word of God that we all can get in any moment in our lives. This can take the form of an impression, a feeling, word images that pop up in our minds, a reminder of a verse, an image, etc. Rhema reminds us that God is not the God of the past and is finished speaking to His people but still speaks to this day! A helpful tip to knowing that rhema is truly from God is that it will never contradict His written word (Bible) and that it should lead you to a place of reflecting Jesus more.


This leads us to logos, which is the written word of God. This is the authoritative word of God that is the bedrock on which we stand to hear and know who God is. This is the very word of God recorded for all the saints for all time and though it has been written down in the past, it is still used by the Holy Spirit to speak to the believer today. As the Bible was relevant in the past, it is relevant to this day and well into the future. A strong understanding of the logos or Bible, helps us to clarify the rhema that we receive in our lives.


When it comes to the promises and protection of God, God assures us and shows up through the rhema and logos. I was convicted for this year to really start logging down all the promises that God has for me in 2019 and use them as guideposts.


Traditionally our Devocasts/Devotional blog posts deals with a range of verses but I just want to unpack only ONE verse.


That’s right… ONE VERSE.


In verse one hundred and twenty-two it says,


“Give your servant a pledge of good; let not the insolent oppress me.”


The servant of the LORD asks for a promise or guarantee of protection from God. Somewhere along the line of our faith, we adopted this thinking that asking God for pledge or guarantee of protection is lacking in faith. I would say there are certain approaches and postures of the heart that does make that thinking true but those who have a deep faith and relationship with the LORD can and will ask for that pledge of protection! They know that as God’s servant, that it is up to the LORD to protect His people and thus they naturally go to Him for that protection. It’s not a lack of faith to ask for that pledge but only a revelation of a trust and intimate relationship with God.


The reason why it is not a bad thing to ask for the promise or the guarantee from the LORD is because of the posture of heart one must have when asking. I am a visual learner and I am going to try my best to set up a visual to show the posture of asking for a promise from God below:


I’ll praise and follow you LORD →  Promise (whether fulfilled or not) → I’ll still praise and follow you


Ok this is not really a great visual but let me explain! The posture of a person that asks for a pledge from God and it being ok is when the posture of their heart is one of praise and commitment to the LORD regardless of outcome! That whether God fulfills the promise or not doesn’t dictate devotion as the heart of the asker is always 100% committed to Him.


I believe when we have this posture, to ask for the pledge or promises of God is not bad but only natural. In 2019, I am logging down the promises of God and they have taken the shape of verses/passage from the Bible which are logos based promises. These logos based promises are also going be the foundation for the rhema promises that are surely to come!


Let 2019 be the year where you live and experience the presence of God and that His word will be the guiding light for every season!


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