January 18, 2019


Matthew 1:18-25


God’s plan.


We talk about it but are we willing to walk in it?


Why wouldn’t we want to walk in it?


Because, often times God’s plan do not line up with our plans and there will be things that we need to let go of that we may not be willing to let go of.


God’s plan requires us to be fully submitted so that we can truly see the fruit that is intended.


It is actually when we try to mix our own plans that that we not only delay what God has in store for us but at its worst, we might end up forfeiting all together the good things planned out.


We must remember that God’s plan is not something that is forced upon us but requires our participation and submission for it to work. So many of us actually elongate the process, create a painful process, or even forfeit the process because of our failure to fully be committed but where we fail, His grace will bring us back on track if we are willing to repent and align ourselves again with His plans.


The birth of Jesus Christ as detailed in Matthew is all about God’s plans finally coming to fruition and a whole lot of people’s plans are starting to get unraveled!


It took hundreds of years for God to enact His plan to bring forth the messiah that will save His people and there were many prophecies that were giving details about the origin and characteristics of the messiah. You will notice in the book of Matthew, that there are many mentions of prophecies that Jesus fulfills either through His ministry, His life, and everything that goes on around Him. Jesus Himself is God’s ultimate plan to restore people from their sin by restoring the relationship that was broken between man and God in the Garden of Eden.


If you look at history, there has been much turmoil. The events surrounding Jesus’ birth is no exception as we see turmoil and “scandal” swirling around but where there is turmoil, there is an opportunity for God the redeemer to show up to completely flip the script and show what is the real perspective that we must have.


For Mary to be engaged to Joseph but to be with child would imply that she cheated on Joseph and that in of itself is scandal enough to just stop the whole operation of God to bring forth the Messiah through this virgin woman.


Within this chaos, Joseph has a plan.


According to Matthew 1:19, Joseph is a just man. This is not just a simple description that the author chose to write but that there is a purpose as to why that particular trait of Joseph was highlighted.


According to Mosaic Law, Joseph had every right to shame and even kill Mary for her “infidelity” but he was a just man and it was shown through the text through His plan of trying to quietly divorce Mary. Joseph had a plan where he was going to show compassion and mercy upon Mary for her “sin” and it really testifies to Joseph being a just man because he is willing to show compassion.


Compassion and justice a lot of times are not associated with each other immediately but we realize that even in the ministry of Jesus, we see Him execute the right things but with the extension of compassion and grace.


Joseph had a plan… but God also had a plan.


In Matthew 1:20, we see that Joseph has a visitation from an angelic being that gives heaven’s perspective on the whole situation. The angel drops a bomb unto Joseph saying that Mary indeed has been faithful and that her pregnancy is not because of sin but due to the Holy Spirit for the child that is developing in the womb is messiah that has been prophesied to come.


Joseph had a good plan but God had a better one.


God disrupted Joseph’s plan and when we step back and look at our lives, are we willing to let our good plans be disrupted by God’s better plan? Are we willing to let God’s plan disrupt our schedules and timelines?


Modern Christianity suffers from a problem where devotion to Jesus is good and desirable as long as it doesn’t disrupt our own personal plans of success. That it is even considered holy to give God one day of the week as long as we get to do what we want the other six days of the week. If you’re extra holy, then give God two or even three days of the week but the others are for our own exclusive use.


If the church is going to see the power of God’s presence flowing through, we have to submit to God’s plan. If we are going to submit to God’s plan, then we must know that His plan cannot be contained to certain days or the christian term of “seasons,” but realize that God’s plan actually involves every part of your life and every day.


This doesn’t mean that we go attend a church building or service everyday but are we willing to be the church everyday? Are we willing to show the character of Christ in all situations? Are we willing to share the good news of Jesus Christ to the people we meet and ready to share at any moment's notice when God opens the door for us to share?


God’s plan for you more often times than not involves more than giving you the desires of your heart. Though HE DOES! But if our prayers only involve the desires of our heart than we best step back and see if His desires are in our heart because God’s plan is a lot bigger than your problems and mine! This is not to say your problems or desires don’t matter but God’s plan cannot be wrapped around just those things but that it involves salvation of nations of people. God’s plan involves redeeming all of creation through all generations. God’s plan involves breaking down systematic evil and replacing that with Heaven’s government.


God’s plan involves God rightfully being glorified.


When God is glorified then all of creation is in its proper perspective because God is in the right place for it is when God is not glorified that we see sin and destruction everywhere.


So what can we do to be part of God’s plan?


Be in God’s presence.


Honestly this can be a series in of its own but to be in God’s plan, one must prioritize God’s presence in their lives everyday. God’s plan is never separate from God’s presence. But the one thing that I know is God’s plan for His people is that they love God, love people, and go make disciples of all nations.


What that looks like for you will have to be determined by you and God through the local church community you are part of.


Today let us be in God’s plan.


Let us be in God’s presence.


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