We are firm believers in propelling the youth to become the next generation of God-fearing leaders. After taking a baptism and confirmation class, all students are eligible to join any of the following ministry groups led by our student leaders + staff members.


Our worship team is student led and overseen by our staff. The worship team uses their musical gifts and talents to lead our worship sessions, which are the backbone of our ministry. We exist to live a lifestyle of living worship. 


Formerly known as our Intercession + Exhortation ministry. We believe that all intercessors have something to release onto the body. This ministry was designed to strengthen the inner prayer warrior and preacher in every student. 


Short for "Arts & Media Group". This ministry handles all things creative. The goal of this ministry is to see the unseen and relay the message to the body through art, photography, videos, and all other creative mediums in between. 


Our fellowship/welcoming team handles all things event and people oriented. We believe in welcoming all people into the doors of our house, and our fellowship ministry is direct vessel of Jesus' love and acceptance.